The Drews

"Then there are the times
You think you'll lose your mind,
But you don't,
And then you're walking through the world
With your heart in your hand,
Free once again..."
---The Drews, "Stairwells"

The Drews are songwriting team and life partners Andrew and Jen DiMartino, who hail from from Tahuya, WA, on the beautiful Hood Canal.

Andrew was a teenage runaway in Washington Square when he overheard Dave van Ronk giving a guitar lesson.  He spent the next few years with an acoustic guitar and as many folk recordings he could find.  Shrapnel from the Great Folk Scare can be found in every Drews song.

Multi-instrumentalist Jen (bass keyboard, congas, bongos, accordion) is an artistic wanderer, her musical journey ranging from rock to theatre to latin percussion, and eventually back to her Southern roots.

Shortly after migrating from LA to the Seattle area, Andrew heard Jen playing bongos on a beach, and The Drews were born.  After playing the Seattle club scene in many incarnations from acoustic duo to a full band with as many as 9 members at one time, their sound evolved to the quirky, no-frills, Basic Unit A approach they have now. 

With 2 critically acclaimed recordings and a fan base throughout the US and Europe, The Drews were poised to take over the world when fate intervened, and Andrew was dealt a series of medical blows that left him fighting for his life for several years.

The music kept playing, however, and Andrew has emerged from those years with more determination than ever.  The Drews are still writing songs, one of which was recently picked up by a movie (Bayard Wootten - The Big Stride), and are recording and playing out again - with more stories to tell, and their basic acoustic sound that endures, as they have.

"Think of a bunch of good old boys sitting on the porch passing around the jug labeled XXX and you can feel the atmosphere a little bit better" -- Keith "Muzikman" Hannaleck, and Blues Matters (UK)

"Head-turning, no frills music that's full of chance-taking and imagination." Gary von Tersh, Sing Out!

"These roots sure are twisted, but there's a place on the tree for everyone." -- Joelle Seligson,

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